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St Peter's is at the heart of a locality that is rich in local and regional history. The firt railway was built in Newton and the Rainhill trials happened just a few miles away. The world famous Sankey Valley Viaduct built by George Stephenson is in Newton and to get to it from school, you have to travel down an old Anglo Saxon road and cross an old Roman road that comes form Chester. The Roman city of Chester is on our doorstep, as are the ports of Liverpool and the industrial Victorian mills of Manchester. In World War I, an ex-pupil called Norman Harvey won the Victoria Cross and this is celebrated in school. 

Our curriculum intent, is to use our local historical resources and landmarks as a way of teaching children not only about history, but their local area also. We aim for a high quality curriculum which should inspire children to find out facts, not just about Britain, but the wider world. They will learn about ancient civilisations, changes in living and beyond memory and about significant people in the past. Children will learn through enquiry using investigative skills as well as visiting local places of interest on educational fieldtrips. 

Example Knowledge Map

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