Geography lessons, at St. Peter’s, aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world which will stay with them throughout their lives. Our pupils learn about diverse places, people, resources and environments, with a deepening understanding of the earth’s key physical and human processes.


Our knowledge mats are designed to outline the 'sticky knowledge' and vocabulary that children need to remember for each unit. Children use the knowledge mats within our geography lessons to support their learning. They are added to our geography books at the start of each unit. The knowledge mats for all the classes learning geography this half term can be found in the files below.




An example of a knowledge mat:





The use of language is a core part of learning geography. Children draw upon geography vocabulary to identify and name places, the features within them and the human and physical features of them. They explain their knowledge and understanding of the world through geographical conversations. In each year group, children learn different vocabulary which they will use within their studies. They refresh their knowledge of the words used in previous year groups to support their geographical explanations throughout school. Our whole school geographical vocabulary list can be found below.


An example of a class vocabulary list:





Files to Download

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