Week 12 (13.7.)

Hi Year 2,

Well it's our last week learning together before the summer holidays! I never imagined we would still be mostly home learning but you have managed brilliantly. I am proud of you all!

For our last week of Maths, we are continuing learning about Time. This life skill can be practised throughout the summer too. I've set up our final TTRockstars competition. It's the re-match between team A and team B, starting at half past eight on Monday until 4 o'clock on Friday. It was so close last time.......good luck everyone!

There are a range of English activities on offer this week including writing about your memories of Year 2 and looking forward to Year 3. I'm sure Mrs. Colley would love to see your 'Spreading My Wings' work - you could perhaps post it to her! The Worry Box is a nice story too. You could leave it until the week before school starts back if you wish. It's great if you are feeling just a bit nervous about returning to school after our unusual year! 

It was so nice to see some of you at St.Peter's church on Friday. This week, I want you to find out about a different place of worship, a Mosque.

I've also uploaded work on Science about hygiene, which is now more important than ever! Try the Hygiene Heroes game - it lots of fun!

Thank-you for being a fantastic class. What a shame we can't spend the last week together! Don't forget to wave to me when you're a big junior!

As always, stay safe and have fun!

Mrs. Ainsworthsmileyyes

Some ideas to prepare for Year 3 and being a junior;

*Practise doing your tie yourself and tieing laces on shoes.

*Be able to tell the time confidently

*Have a go at the Y2-Y3 Maths and English booklets

*know by heart the 2,5and 10 xtable

*Practise adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers

*Continue to read at least 4 times per week so you ready to read and understand Y3 instructions

*Practise writing 5 or 6 sentences with mostly correct spelling and punctuation. (Maybe you could join up with another class member and become pen pals!)




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